Advanced Communication Kit for Couples

Complete kit to SAVE and SPICE UP YOUR RELATIONSHIP | taught by Elly Prior

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Spice up your relationship and prevent a breakup

Here's what you'll get...

You will get a bundle with expert communication aids to spice up your relationship. This detailed, but easy to digest guide includes quizzes, tips and advice for mutually enjoyable, interesting, fun and meaningful conversations to bring the two of you closer together, including...

  • My Pro-Communication Guide - 25 pages crammed with expert tips and advice, including the relationship fundamentals, advanced communication, listening and the all-important negotiating skills
  • 8 Fun and conversation stimulating quizzes for cosy and intimate evenings together
  • 9 Quizzes with questions to encourage lively, interesting and enjoyable conversations. You'll be able to draw out even the most reluctant talker and increase the depth of your conversation
  • An expert quiz to help you both to unlock, rediscover and communicate your personal priorities (I used to give this to my clients to help them get reacquainted with each other and themselves)
  • A list with 28 colossal (really!) communication spoilers
  • The 9 secrets to a happy relationship or marriage
  • A worksheet with 15 questions about sex to help improve sex and spice up your relationship

The guide offers a most affordable way to get professional tips and advice at your fingertips. You'll acquire genuinely valuable relationship skills that will last a life-time.

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It's time to spice up your relationship!

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Elly Prior
Elly Prior
Your counsellor

About Elly

  • I gained my qualification with the largest and most respected expert UK couple counselling organisation, RELATE. I have 24 years experience helping thousands of couples and individuals find greater happiness.
  • I qualified as an NLP Practitioner with the creator of NLP: Richard Bandler and renowned UK hypnotherapist Paul McKenna.
  • I was a trauma specialist with a large UK county police service for 12 years, a school counsellor for 11 years and in private practice for 22 years.

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Course Curriculum

Advanced Communication Kit for Couples
How to use the kit
16 Page Relationship-saving Positive Communication eGuide
Cheatsheet: Common communication spoilers
12 Page Funsheet: Questions to draw out the most reluctant talker
10 Page Fun relationship quiz with conversation stimulating questions
13 Page Funsheet: Master the art of complimenting your partner
8 Page Funsheet: Discover if you really know each other
10 Page Funsheet: Dare to talk about sex!
11 Page E-Guide: The secrets to a happy relationship - pro tips and advice
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Essential Information
Privacy Policy
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Worksheet: How to stop feeling overwhelmed
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