5-Step Programme to Get Over Someone You Love

Bite-Sized, Simple but Effective Programme to Help You Get Over Someone Now | taught by Elly Prior

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Elly Prior
Elly Prior
Your counsellor

About Elly

  • I gained my qualification with the largest and most respected expert UK couple counselling organisation, RELATE. I have 24 years experience helping thousands of couples and individuals find greater happiness.
  • I qualified as an NLP Practitioner with the creator of NLP: Richard Bandler and renowned UK hypnotherapist Paul McKenna.
  • I was a trauma specialist with a large UK county police service for 12 years, a school counsellor for 11 years and in private practice for 22 years.

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How it works
Make it easy on yourself
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Promise yourself...
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Step 1 - Taking Stock (Essential!)
Why it can be so difficult to let go
'Inside-Story' Sheet: Facing the facts at the end of a relationship
Not 'just' an agonising breakup - 19 factors that impact the ending
'Inside-Story' Sheet: Your Story
Getting over *how* your relationship ended
At the root of your troubles - 8 reasons why you stay in pain
Mirror mirror. Challenging your perspective
How to accelerate the healing process (incl. Worksheet)
Additional resources
'Inside-Story' Sheet: Get it out of your system!
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Step 2 - Preventing Emotional Hijacking
Are you being too emotional...?
Broken-hearted, but what about contact? 12 Factors that determine the length and quality of your contact
How to apply psychological first aid (incl. video)
How to take control of your emotions, incl an emergency coping skill to prevent a meltdown
7 Common mistakes and what to do instead
Why you should dream and what your dreams might be telling you (Incl. Worksheet)
Additional resources
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Step 3 - Overcoming Rejection
Essential exercise to effectively deal with feelings of rejection
Ditching the downward spiral (incl. Worksheet)
Discover how you're maintaining or increasing the agony
When you need someone to lean on
Who do you turn to now?
Additional resources
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Step 4 - Gaining a New Perspective
Why and how a wider context can help or hinder
Your essential emotional needs and resources
Should you really be 'grateful'?
How to focus away from the problem and immediately lift your spirits
Inside story sheet: Your essential needs
Additional resources
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Step 5 - Moving on
Super-charging your well-being
'Failures, mistakes and mess-ups'
'Inside-Story' Sheet: What about your 'mistakes'?
Folk wisdom to help you to move on
How stress affects your brain (incl. video)
13 Stressors that undermine your general well-being and drain your energy
How to take control
How to ensure your family and friends move on too
Additional resources
Take it away
Moving on (coming soon)
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