Comprehensive Relationship Test

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Comprehensive Relationship Test

6 features designed to help you decide

You will get a bundle comprising...

  • The main relationship compatibility test (of course!)
  • Additional essential tests - too important to miss
  • Important advice on how to really optimise these tests
  • Unmissable advice and direction based on your results
  • Essential advice on how to be as objective as possibl
  • Stress reduction advice aimed at specifically helping you come to a better decision
  • Extra material to help you uncover your personal obstacles to making the decision (they may not be what you think they are)
  • An additional Bonus Bundle
"A year from now you may wish you had started today."
Karen Lamb, Author

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Elly Prior
Elly Prior
Your counsellor

About Elly

  • I gained my qualification with the largest and most respected expert UK couple counselling organisation, RELATE. I have 24 years experience helping thousands of couples and individuals find greater happiness.
  • I qualified as an NLP Practitioner with the creator of NLP: Richard Bandler and renowned UK hypnotherapist Paul McKenna.
  • I was a trauma specialist with a large UK county police service for 12 years, a school counsellor for 11 years and in private practice for 22 years.

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Course Curriculum

Comprehensive Relationship (Compatibility) Test
Make it easy on yourself
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Section 1 - Preparation
Step 1 - Why are you taking this test?
Step 2 - The secret to making the best possible decision
Step 3 - How you could be fooling yourself
Step 4 - Preparing to take the test
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Section 2 - Essential Tests
Step 5 - Instructions and important information
Step 6a - Signs of an abusive relationship
Step 6b - What about the children? Or what about starting a family?
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Section 3 - Main Tests
Step 7a - Comprehensive Relationship (Compatibility) Test
Step 7c - Most indicative of an early breakup
Section 3: 20 second feedback
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Section 4 - The Results
Step 8 - First of all - THE next most important questionnaire!
Step 9 - My immediately actionable advice
Step 10 - Calculating your results
Step 11 - Your results
Section 4: 20 second feedback
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Section 5 - What next
Step 12 - What Is holding you back?
Section 5: 20 second feedback
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Essential Information
Privacy Policy
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Bonus Reports
Get The Right Advice E-Guide
Communication Spoilers Cheat Sheet
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