Pro-List of Feelings & Communication Kit Special Offer Bundle

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A complete set of communication aids

Special Offer Bundle

Pro-List of Emotions and Feelings

10-page checklists with emotions and feelings with more than double the entries you saw on this page AND...

  • A fill-able and clickable PDF with the complete list (including plenty of space for notes)
  • A PowerPoint and a Keynote (MAC) presentation
  • An online presentation
  • A PDF of the list for easy upload and presentation
  • Accompanying hand-outs (landscape and portrait) and...
  • An e-Reader (ePub) format for easy reference on all your devices

The Advanced Communication Kit (Breakup Prevention Kit)

This includes:

  1. 8 Fun and conversation stimulating quizzes for great evenings together
  2. 9 Quizzes with questions to encourage lively, interesting and enjoyable conversations that draw out even the most reluctant talker and increase the depth of your conversation
  3. An expert quiz to help you both to unlock, rediscover and communicate your personal priorities (I used to give this to my clients to help them get reacquainted with each other)
  4. A Pro-Communication Guide - 25 pages crammed with expert tips and advice, including the relationship fundamentals, advanced communication, listening and negotiating skills
  5. A list with 28 colossal (really!) communication spoilers
  6. The 9 secrets to happy relationship or marriage

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Pro-List of Feelings & Communication Kit Special Offer Bundle includes these courses

Comprehensive Pro-List of Emotions and Feelings Package
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Advanced Communication Kit for Couples
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